A.C.T. (USA) Int'l LLC. is an off-shore O.E.M. supplier of bare printed circuit boards, providing services to North America, South America, Europe and Asia. We offer immeasurable added values that guarantee worry free procurement, excellent quality and superb customer service, which are accomplished by the synchronized work our team of experts located in the U.S., Asia and Mexico.
We are an ISO 9001 compliant company. Certified since 2002.


A.C.T. will always be “One Revolution Ahead of the Rest”, providing solutions to challenges that go beyond every customers’ expectations.

Conflict Minerals Policy Statement


1. Ethics: We have a moral obligation to our customers, employees, manufacturers and suppliers to uphold strong principles that are proper and honorable to our business, industry and community.

2. Customer: To gain your confidence, respect and satisfaction.

3. Quality: To stand by our product and services.

4. Core Strength: The continuous measurement and improvement of team building, technology and customer service.

5. Technology: To invest in our people through education, training and material resources, so as to maintain the high expertise level of our product and industry knowledge.

6. Employee: To be professional, dedicated and focused on our customers’ needs.

7. Success: Is characterized by the genuine caring and strong work ethic in the products and services we provide to our customer. We strive for long term partnerships by achieving and meeting the customers’ every need.

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